With thanks to Jason Rhyley

Been playing with Greasemonkey again.

Phil showed me two scripts for Flickr by Jason Rhyley

The first adds some text formatting buttons to Flickr text areas.

The second adds some extremely nice extra features to Flickr photo pages (links to different sizes, HTML code for copy and paste, etc).

So in, er "homage" to these scripts, I whipped up two of my own.

The first adds text formatting to LiveJournal's posting form (so you don't have to use the painful rich text editor).

The second adds an option to enter a photo to the current Camera Phone Competition by tagging the photo and then posting a thumbnail to the appropriate discussion. I realize this is quite a niche script 1 but I was quite pleased with its exotic mix of Flickr API calls, screenscraping and posting to other pages.

[1] Unless of course you'd care to join us in the competition, it's only just started.