Usable Windows

Work just swapped out my machine and it came complete with all the software I need to do my job.

God, what a nightmare! For the record, and my own future benefit, here's a list of all the tweaks and software I need to make Windows bearable.

  1. Tweak Windows Explorer - Stop hiding file extensions and system files
  2. Install Firefox
  3. Tweak Firefox Advanced Options - Open links from other applications in a new tab in the most recent window)
  4. Add AdBlock
  5. Add GreaseMonkey
  6. Get Power Toys
  7. Install Tweak UI
  8. Install Command Prompt Here
  9. Install Taskswitch
  10. Install WhoLockMe
  11. Install Startup Monitor
  12. Install Startup Control Panel
  13. Wipe out unneeded startup items
  14. Use Classic Search
  15. Install Clipomatic
  16. Install AppRocket
  17. Install Miranda
  18. Install Putty
  19. Install Filzip
No doubt I'll find more annoyances as time goes on.

Updated: See, 1 hour in and I've already found something missing: