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Spam - I just don't get it.

I was idly flicking through my email’s Junk folder checking for false positives and I happened to stop on a particular mail. It was a list of software for sale and at the bottom it had this paragraph: enablers blacks commodity priory Winthrop Frankie confine misspelled fatherly Norris reorders ranching enamel chiefs Judas plastering Fleisher exploit veterans hurricanes curtained vanities digest airliner kneeled lairs pursuant poems Caltech recalls Selma flagellate ranked advising Now that’s clearly designed to defeat my spam filter. There are two things wrong with that: Firstly, it didn’t actually manage to defeat the filter and it’s just a practically untrained instance of OS X’s Secondly, if I’m using a mail client that can filter spam, and you did happen to defeat the filter, what’s the chance that I’d be so pleased that I decided to buy something? So, so pointless.


Multi map now lists blog locations. According to Clagnut, This link should put me on the map. Er, great!