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Phil finally gave me an excuse to beat lxml into submission . And this is the result: wxVenus on OS X.

HOWTO: Install lxml on Mac OSX

lxml is a total nightmare to install on the Mac. For my own future sanity, this is how to do it. Install MacPorts Install libxml2: sudo port install libxml2 Install libxslt: sudo port install libxslt Make sure DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH includes /opt/local/lib (I am a unix n00b and just edit ~/.bash_profile to have the lines: DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/local/lib EXPORT DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in it and restart the shell) Get the lxml code: svn co lxml Install Easy_Install (surely you've done this already!) Install Cython: easy_install Cython== In the lxml folder run python build --with-xslt-config=/opt/local/bin/xslt-config Then python install Look puzzled when python fails utterly Shrug that off quickly when lxml works generally This is for Tiger, it may work on other versions too.