A jQuery Emoji Chooser

I finally managed to find a legitimate place for Emojis at work, so I needed a plug-in to select them.

Even though there are plenty of good options out there, I take my emoji very seriously, and I just couldn't find anything that had:

  1. A jQuery base - we're old-fashioned at work
  2. A small download - no graphics for the emojis please
  3. Support for skin-tones 

So here we are, I've made a thing.  It doesn't happen often.  It's called jquery-emoji-chooser.  You can find it via that link to GitHub or you can install it via Bower.  It's a fork of the otherwise excellent jquery-emoji-picker which I also recommend if you don't have the same needs as me.

Feel free to try out the demo and if you also think emojis are serious business, use it as you see fit.