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Why an Internet Watershed is not actually dumb.

A lot of my friends come down heavily on the anti-censorship side of most debates, and if I'm honest so do I.  So it's not surprising that they are deeply troubled by government proposals to limit access to pornography . The debate is not helped by government's habit of using vague and confusing language that often conflates legal and illegal content and their desire to ban some things outright but merely limit accidental (read: child) access to the rest.  Equally though the debate is not well served by opposition that amounts to little more than "no no no, internet filtering is always ineffective and/or overreaching you stupid, stupid technophobe". Rhoda Grant MSP thinks you can stick a "watershed" on the internet, so the smut can be avoided. This isn't a spoof. — Chris Nicholson (@EraseThisTweet) July 24, 2013 Just because someone is technically unsophisticated in your field, does not mean that they are stupid.  MPs l