What happened to del.icio.us?

It suddenly occured to me that I almost never use delicious any more.

I was vaguely aware that they had a refresh some months back that involved splitting out the inbox feeds into constituent parts.

Well it turns out that the stuff left in my 'inbox' to which I was subscribed was, in fact, nothing.

So del.icio.us went silent. And I barely noticed. And then I stopped posting things and again I barely noticed.

Now I loved del.icio.us and got a lot out of it when it was working for me before. I kind of resent the way they implemented the changes. If they wanted to split out the feeds, the logical way to do it would have been to leave 'inbox' as was and then provide the seperate feeds, seperately.

So now I'm subscribed to my 'network' instead. I wonder if I can retrain myself to post things. I also wonder how many other people had the same experience and never bothered to rediscover it.