You have reached the personal website of Gareth Simpson.

I am a UK based Software Engineer with the usual background in Politics and Philosophy.

This site contains things of mine that need a home on the internet such as:

My small coding projects:
  • Grabbr - A screenshotting tool that uploads to flickr
  • iChat for Miranda - A iChat/Rendezvous chat plugin for the Miranda Instant Messenger
  • iScrobbler for Windows - An Audioscrobbler plugin for iTunes
  • FeedThing - A simple but fast windows RSS aggregator
  • Motherload - A small app for loading MP3 players from iTunes in a shuffle-esque style.
  • jTechnorati - Some java classes for using the Techorati API
  • jTextile - A java 1.3 implementation of the Textile HTML formatting library
  • Greasemonkey Scripts - Little hacks to make the web nicer
My weblog wherein you will find:
  • Development notes on my projects
  • Rants about programming
  • Rants about politics
  • Other random things