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Citeable Blockquotes

I use some javascript to make the citations in my blockquotes clickable. It's all very well but it doesn't exactly help for general browsing.

So, with a little more Greasemonkeying, we have Blockquote Citations.

It works by adding a link to the citation if it appears to be a url. It will use the blockquote's title as the link text or "source" if there isn't a title.

It will not add the link if there is already a visible link to the same URL - the idea being we don't want to make pages unreadable if people already have gone to the trouble of linking to their source either manually or with script.

This blog has the blockquote citations script inline, but you can test your installation of the script on this handy test page.


Pip said…
how about an example so we can tell if it's worked?
Gareth said…
If you like.
Lachlan Hunt said…
This is great! But why don't you make citations with urn:isbn:### link to something useful, like Amazon or other online book information site.
Anonymous said…
No one cares.
George said…
this seems to work great for me on your site, but for some reason when I add a cite and title to my blockquotes on my site, I get nothing.

Any ideas why? The script is set to work for all sites (*)
dave said…
Seems to break the WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor in TypePad, i.e. when I disable
BlockQuoteCite the editor's buttons show up, when it's enabled, they don't.
Gareth said…
George: Post me a URL and I'll have a look.

Dave: Not being a typepad user, I'm afraid it's going to be rather difficult to help you.
Pip said…
For the latest version of Firefox, you need to change your onload insertion to be the more normal:

window.addEventListener("load", function(e) { gmBlockQuotes(); }, false);

I've tested that and it works.