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Five minutes with SocialThing

So a five minute play with SocialThing makes it seem really promising.

Being able to into easily import all your friends from all your social networks (eventually) and then easily alias them together sounds like it would be awesome.

Sadly it goes downhill really quickly.

Firstly it requires your usernames and passwords. They explain why - to get otherwise unavailable private data (friends only Livejournal posts for example), but it seems unnecessary and phishing-like. What they really need is to do is offer a "publicly viewable information only" option for these services.

Secondly there doesn't seem to be any kind of history. New items push old items off the list and then, poof, they're gone. That's kind of limiting. There's also no feed produced so I can't subscribe to this stuff anywhere else, I have to go to their site.

Lastly you can only see an aggregate view. Having aliased my friends (when I've been fortunate to have two of their posts from separate sites appear on the list at the same time), I can't then drill down to view the activity of just one friend at a time.

Nice idea, but must try harder.


indiekid said…
Gareth, just to ease your worries, I thought I'd let you know what's coming up with Socialthing! soon.

We've been hard at work on v2.0 for quite some time now, and it actually solves every problem that you're addressing here. We're allowing for adding sites without authentication (although you do get quite a few more features if you authenticate).

We're no longer only tracking the last 24 hours worth of data, but rather, tracking it in real-time and caching the data that comes in, so you can go historical with it.

Now that we're caching, you'll be able to subscribe to a feed of the data (although this feature may be shortly after the 2.0 release).

We're also automatically going to be aliasing your friends together for more manual input on it (some secret sauce we've cooked up).

Trust me, we're trying MUCH harder this time around ;)

Hope you like it when it's out...
Gareth Simpson said…
Now this is something that SociaThing does right.

I like that you follow the criticism and respond to it, even when it's on no-mark readerless blogs like mine :)

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