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A Bloglines to call my own courtesy of Greasemonkey

Bloglines is growing on me the more I use it. So much so that my own aggregator is falling completely by the wayside.

That said though, there are a number of annoyances with it's interface that drive me nuts.

The worst of these is Bloglines' complete and utter insistence in opening every link in a new window.

Enter Greasemonkey stage right.

Five minutes after installation and my first user script was complete. It's not rocket science but it makes the whole Bloglines experience much more pleasant (for me at least) by opening all links in the frame which they originate. If you want to read in a new window or tab, there's always right click isn't there?


Anonymous said…
Added to the directory.
Smylers said…
Bloglines doesn't completely and utterly insist on opening all links in new windows — they give you the choice.

Simply choose ‘Options’ then the very first option is ‘Open Links In’.
Gareth said…
Yeah but that effectively leaves bloglines.

I want the links to open in the right hand frame, with my blogs still available on the left.