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A Better Bloglines?

I write an aggregator in a very half hearted sort of way.

I do this because I want certain things (chiefly fast start up times and a responsive UI) that other aggregators don't give me.

It turns out that this must be pretty much all I want, since I don't seem to be investing much time in improving it.

That said, even the current lameness that is FeedThing, is better (for me) than the incredibly mature and popular Bloglines.

However, I think I'd really like to use bloglines if I could. The fact that it's centralized means I could happily read at work and home without tedious synchronization issues.

What Bloglines really needs is a GMail / Google Suggest style kick up the backside in terms of usability. Joel Spolsky's 'Google Suggest raises the bar for web UIs' essay seems to have been getting a lot of blogger traction so I guess it's not too much to hope that someone, peferably Bloglines themselves, will bring some of this to bear on the thorny web aggregator problem.


Pip said…
I imported an OPML file from Kinja into my existing bloglines account yesterday and it broke horribly. See those nested feeds? They're not in my OPML. See those feeds which are now folders? All broke!

Pip said…
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Gareth said…
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Gareth said…
I've been using bloglines for few days now and it's "adequate"

I do find its extra features deeply confusing though.

It needs a shot in the arm in terms of learnablilty and usablility.