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Note to self.

In ADO it is good practice to close your recordsets before they go out of scope but hardly the end of the world if you don’t.

In ADO.NET, failing to close your OleDbDataReader causes your next call to ExecuteReader() to come crashing down around your ears.

And they call this progress.


Hugh B said…
I HATE ADO.NET. What was wrong with using recordsets if that technique was most appropriate? Right now I'm still racking my brains trying to work out how to increment a damn number field in a table by 1! I need something like 5 different objects just to do it. They call this progress, you say... if progress is making the simpler operations needlessly difficult, they've certainly done this. Christ almighty.
Anonymous said…
I could not agree more. I have been a professional c++ developer for 4 years, and now have been working professionally with C# since 2002. ADO is a complete mess. Mapping tables to datasets. Data adapters, command builders, data tables...All of these are needlessly complex. Have you ever tried checking these out in a debug view. Layers of crap. Lets boil this down to a few simple ways of doing things PLEASE! MS has worked so hard to make it easy for the mindless massess that they have actually succeeded in doing the exact opposite. There are four simple concepts here: Insert, Delete, Update, and Select. HELLO! A bazillion menthods, properties, and objects just for these simple concepts just so the masses can magically connect their datagrids to a crappy Access database.
Barabba said…
Actually it is frustrating how SLOW id ... i have been start using it and i was happy (i was an old fashione ado programmer). But, when we have benn testing the product with the REAL data (actually datasets of more then 5000 rows) the result is that it is impossible for us to UPDATE... because it takes forever... andi mean.. FOREVER, not seconds.

do not belive me ? Try this:
1 table of 30 columns
5.000 rows

modify 1 of the column (on all 500 rows)...
do it... and then update it..

how long does it take ? was your coffe?

Try to make the same thing in ADO, you can also make it on 10.000 rows... it is IMMEDIATE. is making me loose my job. DAMN MICROSOFT andof course ME that i ahave been using it.
Anonymous said…
ditto it is a needless piece of shit.
Anonymous said…
Yeah I like the older ADODB library cuz its simple , fast and powerful but M$ messed things up with this piece of shit it calls ADO.NET
Joe said…
ADODB COM version was fine. They really screwed up with ADO .NET What a pile of cumbersome bs.