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ID card smoke screen

All this time I've been worrying about ID cards and I should have been worrying about the routine tracking of all UK drivers via a vast network of cameras and a big ass database . What a fucked up nasty Big Brother state we live in. Between this and the retention of mobile phone records, the Government will broadly know where I am at all times now. I may as well get my ID card and be done with it. Nice of the Independant to mention civil liberties in one small paragraph in the article. That'll make people sit up and take notice. Hurray.

Compare and Contrast

Bug reporting in Fogbugz (the tracker we use at work) is very simple. There aren't many fields and you can't customize it much. QA are sometimes frustrated by this but on the whole most people agree that Fogbugz got instant and widespread buy in precisely because it was simple and has been a great success. Joel himself summarizes the principal like so: People add so many fields to their bug databases to capture everything they think might be important that entering a bug is like applying to Harvard. End result: people don't enter bugs, which is much, much worse than not capturing all that information. So far so groovy. The other day I spotted what I consider to be a bug in Firefox, the posterchild Open Source browser. Being the good citizen I am, I thought I'd report it so I went to the Firefox Bug Reporting Page . Are they having a laugh? Have you seen the steps I am expected to go to before a I register a bug? Use the latest nightly build of Firefox with