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Perforce is the best source control tool?

On the basis of my informal conversations with my colleagues, Subversion (abbreviated to SVN) is a better system than all the commercial tools except Perforce.

Which I guess makes Perforce the best overall. We use Perforce at work, and I find that very depressing.


Pip said…
I think Perforce is supposed to have excellent branching and merging facilities (as hidden as they may be behind the at-times extremely obtuse UI). Lots of VCSs don't support it at all.

If only the explorer colour-coded my files a la TortoiseCVS/SVN I'd be happy ;) I wonder if it's possible to fake?
Anonymous said…
Have you used source control management (SCM) products from other vendors? On a large repository? With lots of users, branches, labels and a high load?

I've done all of the above with virtually all commercial and open source SCM packages and Perforce *is* the best. Subversion is so far from it when it comes to merging and branching on anything beyond 100,000 files that it's not even funny.
Gareth said…
I couldn't comment on the relative merits of the merging and branching in various tools having only really done it in Perforce.

To be fair, Perforce is good at this and I've no complaints.

Merging and branching huge numbers of files though is not day to day usage (I would hope).

What I don't like is the dismal Perforce UI for day to day work.

As Phil said, Tortoise CVS's shell integration, for example, pisses over Perforce from a great height for the simple day to day routine of check out, edit, check in which is where 95%+ of developer time is spent in a source control system.